Pandemia equals SUCCESS? Something good in this pandemic, at least to our loyal holders

Pandemia SUCCESS
1 min readMar 21, 2022
Pandemia SUCCESS

Pandemia SUCCESS is a project since 2021, and it has some interesting features. To distinguish this project from others, Pandemia SUCCESS is building a Crypto Village in Spain. Yes, you read that right! Village pre-sale is still open, you can secure your own spot quite cheap, prices will be higher after pre-sale ends. You can check out the project at our website, especially the roadmap at There are many interesting features waiting to be revealed!

And in addition to our Crypto Village project, we have some interesting sources of income, investments and more in our portfolio Like many others, we also have a special tax when SUCCESS tokens are bought or sold. This allows us to provide passive income to our holders.

Additional information:

Contract (BSC):

0x22625b9fce4d92e43b9cde77e5f3c03a0f5c468b (link to Pancake Swap)



Telegram: (Official) (Announcements)




Pandemia SUCCESS

Crypto-project from Finland. Financial freedom, a private Crypto Village in Spain and much more on our roadmap